Friday, 26 January 2018

Florence Scovel Jewelry- Different Types of Bracelets to Wear

Accessories are the part the fashion and bracelets are the part of accessories. Over the years, bracelets have witnessed many changes and are now become an important part of fashion. From different designs to patterns, you will get varied options of bracelets to select and buy. Florence Scovel Jewelry is one such online accessory brand that deals with a range of bracelets for different occasions.
This article presents you with top options for bracelets available at Florence Scovel Jewelry:

·         Hand Stamped Bracelets:

If you want to wear a casual looking bracelet which has a unique handmade look, then check out Hand Stamped Bracelets collection. These bracelets are made from different materials including the vegan leather and come with texts. Some of the options are Grandma- Hand Stamped Bracelet, Grandma Daughter, I Love You Forever, and other options.

Florence Scovel Jewelry Grandma Daughter - Blue HSB

·       Bangles:

If you are looking for elegant looking bangles for party or professional event, then bangles from Florence Scovel Jewelry are the best to go for. From silver plated to Dolphins and Crystal Heart, there are multiple options to choose. Each bangle comes with unique finishing and pure material that finely fits on the wrists and raise your personality bar.

·         Balla Bracelet:

Having a unique looking bracelet on your wrist will certainly make you look versatile. Balla Bracelet from Florence Scovel Jewelry is some good options. These bracelets come with semi-precious gemstones that make it look royal and elegant. Some of the options are- Florence Galaxy, Florence Purple, White & Black Crystal Balla Style Adjustable Bracelet, etc.

·         Formal Bracelets:

For elegant and pricey looking bracelet on your wrist, check out the collection of Formal Bracelets. From Diamond Eternity and Elegant Crystal Charm to Silver Heart Bracelet, each looks royal. Made with dazzling collections of diamond and crystal, Formal Bracelets are the best to go for.
Florence Scovel Jewelry Diamond Eternity Bracelet
Diamond Eternity Bracelet


Florence Scovel Jewelry has some great collection of bracelets that are designed to make your personality a step ahead and be a centre of attraction. Do check for some latest collections of bracelets designed exclusively designed for special and casual occasions.

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